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What is LAB60+?

Laboratory of Architecture 60+ (LAB 60+) is the first foundation and that type of laboratory in Poland dealing with innovative approach to designing for an aging society.

Laboratory of Architecture 60+ is a member of the Convention according to the issues of demographic changes, which aim is to bring together: local, regional and national authorities and the other people who are involved in co-operation and implementation of solutions based on the evidence in order to promote active and healthy aging in a comprehensive response to demographic challenges in Europe. Learn More

LAB60+ is in closely co-operation with the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, which provides to the foundation friendly environment for the growth, mutual cooperation and support for taken actions and projects.

What are ours goals and our direction of actions?

Lab60+ is a platform for exchanging knowledge, interesting projects, their commercialization and organization of inspiring events in issues of aging.

LAB60+is co-created by the best specialists in Poland, who deal with the senior spatial policy, from defining a vision for the area, the scale of the neighborhood, a housing estate, a building, an interior to products for everyday use.

LAB60+supports local authorities, developers, private investors, design offices, companies offering products that are friendly to the elderly, as well as all those who currently think about their adulthood.

The aim of LAB 60+ is:

  • Promoting and implementing activities for the senior spatial policy
  • Developing an area of cooperation between the different stakeholders, including through cooperation with universities, colleges, research institutions and other organizations
  • Scientific activity, scientific-technical, educational and training and promotion related to mainstreaming the needs of older people in the planning and implementation of spatial policy

Why LAB60+ was founded?

LAB60+ was created for the present question about the quality of living of our grandparents and parents, and ourselves in the future. The aim of LAB 60+ is a real impact on urban renewal in the context of an aging population, which is one of the priority challenge in the twenty-first century. It was established also with regard to the modern trends, illustrating that today's generation of 30+ will be different from today's generation of 60+ - not only aspirations, lifestyle, but also better mobility.

LAB 60+ was initiated by Agnieszka Labus PhD Eng. Arch., who has been specializing in the issues of revitalization in the context of an aging population for many years . As the first researcher in Poland she has taken a scientific discourse concerning the concept of urban renewal in Europe in the twenty-first century as a good place for older people, that helped to develop spatial issues in Polish first strategic document for the region of Małopolska. Foundation LAB60 + is now developed and co-created by the noted experts of the Faculty of Architecture (the Silesian University of Technology) specializing in the issues of an aging population in various spatial scales (Anna Szewczenko PhD. Eng. Arch., Iwona Benek PhD. Eng. Arch., ).

The idea and the concept of creating a platform for architects, urban planners and designers called the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ (LAB 60+) has been recognized by Polish first start-up academy for women - Girls go start up Academy, implemented by the Foundation for Educational Perspectives and the Association TOP500 Innovators in cooperation with the USA Embassy. The idea of LAB 60+ received substantial support from many experts in the fields of law, development and innovation, as well as the direct support of the mentor Ms. Izabela Paluch - the Chairwoman of Intech PK, which specializes in the management of intellectual property, commercialization of R&D projects results, financing of the innovations and the incubation of spin-off companies.

In what scale we operate?

In LAB60+ we work in a wide range, from the everyday objects to the issues related to the whole cities.

City, District



Interior and Small Architecture

Object Design

Our Tools and Methods of Work

As part of the project LAB 60+ uses 5-step model of work in the pre-design phase (analysis):

1. Co-creation! Using the method of co-designing (common design principles) with the elderly and other participants involved in the project, thanks to the following identification of needs and diagnosis items that are unnecessary or cause barriers in the urban environment involving scales: city, district, and building interior. With this method, the boundaries between "user" and "designer" and thus rejected is the primacy of the "experts". This is one of the most modern methods used in urban renewal projects in many European countries.

Renewal! The use of techniques workshop with seniors, the authorities of the municipality / city organizations, NGO's including brainstorming, so that we are finding ways to prevent the exclusion of older people, support their activity and social inclusion in scales : city, district, building, interiors. Use of an original concept of ‘Age Lenses’ , or design elements (standards) which aims to take into account the real needs of older people in the design process.

3. Sharing! Spreading the knowledge through interviews, surveys, presentations, panel discussions, publications and by organising various types of training and coaching sessions.

4. Designing! Performed by LAB 60+ design expertise for urban and architectural projects always take into account to adapt needs of seniors. We accept the principle that any investment at all phases of the design process should be verified for needs of the elderly. Expertises are enriched with photos, drawings, diagrams, etc., that allow for easier and clearer perception of the project.

5. Self-control! Developed on the basis of completed projects in a variety of spatial scales checklists "Age Lenses", which are used to verify introduced design solutions, also gives a sense of confidence that design guidelines for landscaping and design restoration of these areas include, if possible, the fullest needs older people.


Lens 60+ (in cooperate with 4Experience)

The solution will have a real impact on a process of active aging. Designed urban space with Lens 60+ will be more accessible, safer. The elderly people (e.g. who suffer from dementia) will not feel frustration or fear while using this presented solution.Read More...

Testing a flat with suit which simulates a body of elderly person
LAB 60+ contents partner of the Master Senior Apartments, Wrzeciono 2/71 Street, Warsaw, Poland

LAB 60+ is contents partner of Master Senior Apartments which is the first that type in Poland. Apartment is located at Wrzeciono 2 Street in Warsaw. The apartment has been designed and founder by couple of architects: dr Agnieszka Cieśla (Expert in LAB 60+) and dr Jan Cieśla, according to the guidelines of the association "Integration" in Poland and German norms and standards, without architectural barriers, supporting healthy, active and independent aging. Read More...

Participation in Events

The Day of Science and Industry - VII edition - Gliwice (05/20/2016))

Laboratory of Architecture 60+ participated in the Day of Science and Industry at Technology Park in Gliwice. As part of the exhibition LAB 60+ presented project Agieng Lens 60+, the demo simulation of perception the city by an elderly, through which visitors could see what the challenges and obstacles faced by older people. Read More...

The Day of Inventions - Cracow (4/22/2016)

LAB 60+ were among the selected ideas of inventions / innovations during the Day of Inventions in Cracow at Malopolska Laboratory of Energy Saving Building. At the stand of the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ was presented virtual reality simulator - Ageing Lens 60+ and example of LAB 60+ was analyzed at the workshop in the context of "business model canvas".Read More...

Media Tent - Gliwice (25/06/2016)

During the Media Tent organized in the old Wire Factory in Gliwice, LAB 60+ once again presented an innovative simulation Aging Lens 60+ and proved that the development of virtual reality can also benefit for elderly, because this innovative simulation allows enable to observe the surrounding urban space through the older’s people eyes.Read More...

Organization of Events

International workshop of the project genderSTE entitled "Gender in Research and Application in Projects: special focus on intersectionality (age, race, etc.)", Faculty of Architecture at Silesian University of Technical, Gliwice (4-5/07/2016)

AB 60+ had the opportunity to co-organize a two-days international workshop form the European project genderSTE funded by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice in Poland. Read More...

LAB60+ Team

Board of Honor
Klaudiusz Fross, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology, Member of the Honour Council

A Dean and a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, honored with the statuette and the title of the construction and the Silesian economy authority during the formal gala in the Silesian Opera House in Bytom in November this year. The Prize was awarded by the Chapter of the Silesian Chamber of Civil Engineers. The author described his own assessment methods (they are fast, easy and effective in application) developed during fifteen-year quality buildings research concerning their different functions and academic experience in this area with architecture students and published his book K. Fross: Badania jakościowe w projektowaniu architektonicznym na wybranych przykładach, (eng. Qualitative Research in Architectural Design in the Selected Examples.), Silesian University of Technology, 2012. Second edition - Publisher Euro Project, 2014.

He is an author of the article entitled: Zaspokojenie potrzeb seniora jako użytkownika i konsumenta usług w zamyśle projektanta oraz inwestora na przykładzie projektu prywatnego domu seniora w Ustroniu, (eng. Meeting the Needs of a Senior User and a Consumer of Services in the Intention of the Designer and the Investor of the Project of a Private Senior House in Ustroń) published by ACTA UNIVERSITATIS LODZIENSIS FOLIA OECONOMICA 297 in 2013.

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture
at Silesian University of Technology

Klaudiusz Fross, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.
Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch. was an employee at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in the years 1973 - 2015. Over the period 2000-2014 she acted as a head of the Department of Design Strategies and New Technologies in Architecture. Her scientific output consists of more than 170 publications, including 10 compact publications. She is a co-author of the monograph entitled: Środowisko zamieszkania polskich seniorów w badaniach interdyscyplinarnych. Studia przypadków na wybranych przykładach z 2013 r., (eng. Living Environment of Polish Seniors in the Interdisciplinary Studies. Case Studies of the Selected Examples of 2013). An important publication made by Mrs. Professor for the development of science is the author's academic handbook entitled: Metody i techniki badawcze w architekturze, (eng. Methods and Research Techniques in Architecture) - the first Polish textbook concering this subject.

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska’s scientific passion is to assess the quality of architecture based on research POE (Post-Occupancy-Evaluation), she used it in her own research studies but also in scientific grants and doctoral theses because she was a thesis supervisor and an academic lecturer. Her works concern architectural objects, for instance: office buildings, hospitals, housing, universities, homes for the elderly, as well as the issue of an intelligent building and efficiency of energy. For a few years she has focused on the research relating to hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly.

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska participated in eight internships abroad. She was a supervisor of four research grants, one of her own KBN. Moreover, she was a leader of the Polish-German European project financed by the Polish-German Foundation in favour of Science (2010-21). The project was accomplished in a collaboration with the Helmholtz Institute in Leipzig in 2011-2012. She also participated as a performer in six other national grants, the most important was participation in the interdisciplinary grant of the KBN PolSenior in the role of a co-contractor in architectural research.

Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Architecture
at Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Elżbieta Niezabitowska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.

Prof. Adam BARTOSZEK, PhD DSc.
Institute of Sociology, University of Silesia in Katowice

A Professor at the University of Silesia. He defended Master’s thesis in 1981 at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Silesia. He achieved his Doctoral thesis entitled: Stworzenie osobowości społecznej zarys teorii osobowości społecznych (eng. Social Creation of Personality an Outline of Social Theories of Personality) at the University of Silesia, the Faculty of Social Science in 1989 under the guidance of prof. Władysław Jacher, PhD DSc. His postdoctoral dissertation entitled: Social and Cultural Capital of the Young Intelligentsia and the Demands Towards the Market was defended at the University of Silesia in 2003.

Prof. Adam Bartoszek was a leader in many projects, for instance: Architects and Sociologists subproject in PolSenior in 2007-2010 (, Prosumer Society - Prosumer Power Engineering in 2015-2016 ( In addition, he held a leadership role in the MNiSW grant The activation and the decline of the human capital in the local environment. - educational and professional mobility for the quality of life in peripheral cities (2008-2010), as well as the grant of the EU Diagnosis of social issues and the monitoring of the politics for activation of the human resources in Katowice (2011-2012).

Prof. Adam Bartoszek is a Member in the Polish Sociological Association, the Polish Gerontology Association, Polish Academy of Science Department in Katowice and the Committee For Study About Future The Upper Silesia Region and the Scientific Committee dealing with the future of the Upper Silesia region. He is interested in sociology of the organization and the management, the theory of the social structures, sociology of the social capital and the social personality. He is also engaged in the theory of market research and public opinion polling and survey's research methodology.

Professor at the University of Silesia
Institute of Sociology

Prof. Adam Bartoszek, PhD DSc.k

Piotr Szukalski, PhD DSc.

Piotr Szukalski, PhD DSc.

Marek Wysocki, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.
A researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, the Gdańsk University of Technology

A researcher at the Faculty of Architecture (the Gdańsk University of Technology) since 1989. An architect, a Director of the Center for Universal Design, the first Polish research and development center implementing the objectives of the concept of universal design in the physical environment, products and services. An expert for the design of the space available for people with disabilities and the elderly. The author of more than 70 different publications concerning design for all and ecology and sustainable development, including the monograph Projektowanie otoczenia dla osób niewidomych. Pozawzrokowa percepcja przestrzeni (eng. The Environment Design for Blind People. Beside the Visual Perception of Space.)

The creator utility patterns concerning support of visually impaired people in public space including Touch-sensitive pictograms for escape routes. The auditor of accessibility of facilities and public spaces. The author of accessibility standards of public spaces for Gdansk City (2012) and Gdynia City (2013). He is the first ‘Access Officer’ in Poland, appointed to this position in 2014 by the local government of Gdynia City. The creator of the educational program Designing of Common Space since 2004 at the Faculty of Architecture, the Gdańsk University of Technology and in the cities of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The initiator of the project Shared Space-Common Cause (2016) and the project workshops Universal design - how to live together, not next to each other (since 2014) - the aim is to change the quality of people’s lives with limited mobility and the perception of residential area and public spaces.

The Member of the Commission of Experts for Pepole with Disabilities by the Ombudsman. He is a collaborator of many non-governmental organizations working for people with disabilities. As the expert of ON Inclusion 14-20 Group he works to implement the concept of universal design in the framework of EU programs (EFSI). The Member of the Working Group of the National Smart Specialisation operating at the Ministry of Economy. An adherer of consistent implementation the records of the ONZ Convention according to the rights of people with disabilities into the Polish legal system.

For more than a decade he is a consistent promoter of the idea of ​​universal design - he was awarded the Gdynia without barriers Medal in 2013. The social worker, interested in the environment for people with disabilities. Among the group of his friends he has many who have some physical problems or limitations but he always treats them as equal partners in his rojects activities.

A researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, the Gdańsk University of Technology

Marek Wysocki, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch.

Professor Adam A. Zych, PhD DSc.
Professor at the University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław

A psychologist and an educator, a creator of the theory of development moderation (2004) and personal benefits in old age (2007). The main areas of scientific interests are: social gerontology, especially special geragogik and gerontological lexicography and psychology of personality, in particular psychological problems of philosophy, religion psychology and thanatopsychologic. He is a Member of the Scientific Councils of magazines Contemporary Gerontology, Social Contexts, Labor et Educatio, Pedagogy. Studies, discussions, openings, and the series Czech-Polish-Slovak studies in andragogy and social gerontology and Exlibris Library of Social Gerontology.

He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta, The Commission of National Education Medal and the Medal of the City of Auschwitz. The Professor Adam A. Zych is a five-time winner of the individual prize of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and distincions of the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy for innovative activity to disseminate knowledge about the aging of the Polish society, he also received the honorary title of Seniors’ Friend (2016).

Important impact publications: Człowiek wobec starości. Szkice z gerontologii społecznej [1995], (eng. A Human Toward Old Age. Sketches of social gerontology); Słownik gerontologii społecznej [2001], (eng. The Dictionary of Social Gerontology); The Living Situation of Elderly Americans of Polish Descent in Chicago [2005]; Lexicon of Gerontology [2007, secon edition in 2010]; Przekraczając „smugę cienia”. Szkice z gerontologii i tanatologii [2009, second edition in 2013], (eng. Crossing the ‘Shadow Line’. Sketches of Gerontology and Thanatology); Pomiędzy wiarą a zwątpieniem. Wprowadzenie do psychologii religii [2012], (eng. Between Faith and Doubt. Introduction to the Psychology of Religion); Młodość utracona, odkrywana starość. Eseje i szkice z gerontologii [in press, 2017], (eng. Lost Youth, Discovered Senility. Essays and Sketches of Gerontology.

Professor at the University of Lower Silesia, Wrocław

Professor Adam A. Zych, PhD DSc.

Professor Maria Zrałek, PhD

dr nauk humanistycznych, prof. nadz. Wyższej Szkoły Humanitas w Sosnowcu, dziekan Wydziału Nauk Humanistycznych.

dr Maria Zrałek, prof.

Management Board
Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.
Founder and CEO of LAB 60+, Expert in Laboratory of Architecture 60+

Agnieszka LABUS PhD Eng. Arch. - an architect and a spatial planner, an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. An expert in the field of urban renewal in the context of an aging society. She is the first scientist in Poland who has taken a scientific discourse concerning the concept of urban renewal in Europe as a good place for older people in the twenty-first century. This fact helped to develop spatial issues in the first Polish strategic document for the region of Małopolska.

Dr Agnieszka Labus, is a respected and award-winning expert, not only in Poland but also abroad. She actively participates in conferences and seminars, leads lectures and workshops for beneficiaries of local and regional centers in: Poland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Serbia, Estonia and Australia. Her work is like a mission for the needs of the growing numbers of older generations.

Founder and CEO of LAB 60+

Agnieszka Labus, PhD Eng. Arch.

Anna Szewczenko, PhD Eng. Arch.
Vice-Chairwoman of the Management Board of LAB 60+, Expert in Laboratory of Architecture 60+

An Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. In her research work and academic career, she undertakes the subject of design for the elderly, mainly in the environment which supports geriatric wards. She is a co-author of conceptual research, projects and professional evaluation concering facilities for the elderly (geriatric departments, senior housing). A Member of the Polish Society of Gerontology and the Polish Ergonomics Society.

Vice-Chairwoman of LAB 60+

Anna Szewczenko, PhD Eng. Arch.

Iwona Benek, PhD Eng. Arch.
Member of the Management Board of LAB 60+ Expert in Laboratory of Architecture 60+

An Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. She specializes in the design for senior-friendy architecture. She conducts research about the development of the therapeutic environment for older people in the scale of public space, green areas, buildings and interiors.

Member of the Management Board
of LAB 60+

Iwona Benek, PhD Eng. Arch.

Experts Board
Brygida Gniełka, MSc. Eng.
LAB60+ Expert

She graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. She dealt with planning and designing of the transport system and the issues of environmental infrastructure projects during many years of her work.

She has wide experience in managing team projects and her own office engineering advisory. For several years she is interested in senior policy at national and European level with a particular emphasis on the issue of creating the built environment, which is friendly for seniors and active and healthy aging.

In 2014, together with a team of volunteers she developed a report concerning the situation of seniors' City of Chorzow friendly for senior citizens, based on the guidebook of the World Health Organization - Age-Friendly Cities. Brygida Gniełka is the expert of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy for evaluation of projects applying for grants in the government programme Aktywność Społeczna Osób Starszych (ASOS), (eng. Social Activity of the Elderly), 2016 edition. Currently, she is the Chairwoman of the Local Listeners of the Upper Silesian University of the Third Age in Chorzów.

LAB60+ Expert

Brygida Gniełka, MSc. Eng.

Agnieszka Kłopotowska, PhD Eng. Arch.
LAB60+ Expert

A graduate at the Faculty of Architecture, Białystok University of Technology, Master's thesis: Młodzieżowe Centrum Kultury „Pod Amfiteatrem”, (eng. A Youth Cultural Centre "Under the Amphitheater”), under the guidance of G. Dabrowska - Milewska, PhD Eng. Arch. (The Award of the President of Białystok for the Best Diploma of the Year, 1996). In 2006 she defended her Doctoral thesis entitled: Osiedle Strzeżone – nowy model zamieszkiwania, (eng. A Guarded Housing Estate - a New Model of Living) prepared under the guidance of Maria Misiągiewicz, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch. (the Main Prize of the Minister of Construction and Transportation for the Best Doctoral Thesis).

An author of public and residential buildings and interior design (a co-owner of the studio MK-Projekt). She works as a lecturer at the Białystok Univeristy of Technology and Lublin University of Technology. A supervisor of engineering and master’s theses, which are award-winning in the country and abroad (in the following competitions like: SARP Diploma of the Year, Concrete Architecture, BDA - SARP, Frate Sole, Light and Interior, International Students Competition Design Turintogreen).

Since 2005 she has conducted research related to the issues of multi-sensory receiving and composing of architectural space (editing of a scientific monograph entitled: Dźwięki architektury, (eng. The Sounds of Architecture) and in particular the potential use of relationship with space as an active ingredient of rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired (research trips to Ancona, Madrid, Rome, Milan; numerous scientific articles; supervising of theses devoted to this subject; a monograph entitled: Doświadczanie przestrzeni w rehabilitacji osób z dysfunkcją wzroku, (eng. Experience of Space in the Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired) - in preparation.)

LAB60+ Expert

Agnieszka Kłopotowska, PhD Eng. Arch.

Michał Kozłowski
LAB60+ Expert of industrial design

Michał Kozłowski is an industrial designer. He specializes in designing household appliances and furniture.

He has worked in prestigious design studio CODE design since 2011, in 2016 he became a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His master thesis was awarded in an international review of theses Graduation Projects 2014. Michał Kozłowski is the finalist of the Young Design in 2015.

He is the designer, who is responsible for contemporary trends to create restrained, timeless products. He pays special attention to the needs of users, accessibility, service and profitability of products.

LAB60+ Expert of industrial design

Michał Kozłowski

Marta Luty-Michalak, PhD
LAB60+ Social Affairs Expert

LAB60+ Social Affairs Expert

Marta Luty-Michalak, PhD

Magdalena Magdziak, PhD Eng. Arch.
LAB60+ Expert

A graduate at the Faculty of Architecture, Białystok Univeristy of Technology. She also studied at the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Department of Architecture Sint-Lucas, Brussels, Belgium (Erasmus-Socrates Programme). She achieved her Master of Science Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning in 2005. Her Master's thesis was entitled: Szkoła Sztuk Pięknych w Białymstoku, (eng. A School of Fine Arts in Białystok) under the guidance of Adam Jakimowicz, PhD Eng. Arch. (a Commendation in Diploma of the Year Competition of Zbyszek Zawistowski granted by the SARP; a Commendation of Master's thesis granted by the Minister of Construction and Transportation). In 2014 she defended her Doctoral thesis with honours at the Łódź Univeristy of Technology entitled Formy mieszkaniowe dla osób starszych, (eng. Housing Forms for the Elderly) which was prepared under the guidance of Grażyna Dąbrowska-Milewska, PhD DSc. Eng. Arch. A co-author of projects concering single-family and multi-family houses and an author of interior design projects.

Since 2009 she has conducted research related to the issues concerning seniors’ living environment in Polish Nursing Homes, as well as various forms of housing for the elderly in the other countries, which are not present in Poland (in-situ studies in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden). Her research also includes forms of housing which are available, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the elderly and disabled people.

LAB60+ Expert

Magdalena Magdziak, PhD Eng. Arch.

Katarzyna Vannucci, MSc. Eng.
LAB60+ International Projects Expert

LAB60+ International Projects Expert

Katarzyna Vannucci, MSc. Eng.

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